What's In A Brand Refresh?

Cambridge Cleantech Embraces a Fresh Look for a Sustainable Future.

Cambridge Cleantech, a global membership organisation championing sustainability, is thrilled to unveil a brand refresh spearheaded by South African based design agency, Tim Harris Design.

Aligning with Evolving Needs:

Since Cambridge Cleantech's inception in 2012, the landscape of sustainability has undergone a dramatic transformation. This refresh reflects the company's commitment to adapting its services to address the ever-growing challenges faced by our planet. Recognising the need to effectively serve its diverse global audience, the organisation sought a brand identity that resonated with its evolving mission.

Capturing the Essence:

Tim Harris, the mastermind behind the refresh, expertly navigated the challenge of capturing the multifaceted needs of Cambridge Cleantech's customer base across various sectors. This was achieved while seamlessly infusing the organisation's unique personality into a fresh brand identity.

A World of Meaning:

The previous logo and design lacked the gravitas needed to tackle the global sustainability crisis. Tim addressed this by solidifying the globe icon, instilling a sense of trust, knowledge, and capability in the Cambridge Cleantech brand.

Connection and Collaboration:

The new design prioritises the concept of connection, symbolising the unification of a diverse community working towards a shared goal – a sustainable future. The use of distinct yet harmonious colours reflect the collaboration between different sectors and customers within the ecosystem.

Hope Amidst Challenges:

Drawing on his experience addressing climate change in Africa, Tim aimed to imbue the design with a sense of hope. Just as rain brings life to parched earth, the refresh seeks to evoke optimism amidst the challenges we face.

A Story Told Through Imagery:

The carefully selected imagery captures the juxtaposition we confront – the breath-taking beauty of nature contrasted with the harsh reality of our environmental situation, alongside some of the cleantech solutions already making a positive impact on sustainability. Through Tim's thoughtful design, Cambridge Cleantech's brand now embodies the urgency and determination needed to address pressing global issues.

This refresh is more than just a new look; it's a powerful statement about Cambridge Cleantech's unwavering commitment to building a sustainable future.

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