Public Sector

The public sector holds a crucial responsibility in nurturing and supporting the next wave of cleantech visionaries, the change makers who will shape a sustainable tomorrow. By championing the necessary advancements in technology and policy to combat climate change, the public sector can serve as a driving force for progress. Through strategic investments in education, research, and infrastructure, future leaders are empowered to innovate and lead the charge towards a greener, more sustainable world for future generations to thrive in.

We take your commitment to sustainability seriously and therefore want to be able to fully understand your needs and how we can help your department or organisation thrive, before suggesting a solution. 

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What Others Say

"The learning and knowledge that we have gained through the Desafía London programme is going to make a huge impact in our start-up from here onwards.”

Miguelangel Ocando, Founder & CEO, H2Vector

“A very fruitful experience that we strongly recommend to any startup to get an appropriate view on the cleantech ecosystem in UK.”

Miguel Méndez, Founder & CEO, Build to Zero

“The talent that we have been exposed to has been really insightful and inspiring.”

Manual Alvarez, Founder & CEO, Woodswallow