Application deadline: 31st July 2024 5:00pm (JST)

Date: Mid-Oct 2024 - 31st March 2025

Venue: Online

The Inbound Program is an online start-up accelerator program to help foreign entrepreneurs to expand their business into Tokyo by providing networking opportunities with start-ups and companies in Tokyo. In 2024, we are looking for start-ups in two business domains: Mobility and Food/AgTech.

This program provides the following 3 types of support to overseas start-ups aiming to enter the Tokyo market:

1. Lecture
Legal and market information necessary for entering Tokyo will be provided in the form of lectures from experts.

Lecture topics (examples)
・Lectures on legal affairs and intellectual property in the Japanese market
・Lectures on employment and work necessary for entering Japan
・Pitch brush-up course for Japanese companies
・Lectures on trends and characteristics of Tokyo
・Lectures by senior entrepreneurs that actually expanded into Tokyo
・Introduction of incubation facilities available for overseas SU, etc.

2. Event
Pitch events for companies in Tokyo and networking events with startups from Tokyo will be held to provide opportunities for collaboration.

Click here for an overview of last year’s event☟
Pitch event(https://www.x-hub-tokyo.metro.tokyo.lg.jp/en/event/8617

3. Mentoring ・Business Matching
Mentoring by experienced business professionals and business matching with companies and VC in Tokyo as potential collaborators and funding sources will be provided.

※If you are not sure about which course you should choose, or whether you are qualified to apply, please feel free to contact with X-HUB TOKYO Administration Office.
※INBOUND PROGRAM is operated by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC.


For more information and to apply, see the link: https://www.x-hub-tokyo.metro.tokyo.lg.jp/en/inbound_program