Meet the Buyer - Johnson Matthey

Application Deadline: 30th August 2024

Date of meetings: w/c 9th September 2024

Venue: Online

Meet the Buyer events offer interesting opportunities for your company to get in touch with the leading enterprises in a variety of business sectors. The event is invite-only and will give you the chance to have an individual one-to-one meeting with key decision makers. Join the event, establish valuable collaborations, pitch your products and services, and discuss business partnerships that can fast-forward your company's growth.

Successful applicants will have the chance to pitch to the Johnson Matthey Solutions team the week of the 23rd of July. See below to find out how you can apply.

Buyer profile

What is their business?

Johnson Matthey is a global leader in sustainable technologies. For over 200 years we've used advanced metals chemistry to tackle the world's biggest challenges. Many of the world's leading energy, chemicals and automotive companies depend on our technology and expertise to decarbonise, reduce harmful emissions and improve their sustainability.

And now, as the world faces the challenges of climate change, energy supply and resource scarcity, we're actively providing solutions for our customers. Through inspiring science and continued innovation, we're catalysing the net zero transition for millions of people every day.

What are they looking for?

Johnson Matthey is on a quest to develop sustainable fuels or E-fuels.

It is looking for cutting-edge and innovative solutions to convert the following into sustainable fuels or E-fuels:

  • Biomass
  • Waste
  • Syngas CO
  • CO2

Johnson Matthey already offer a Fischer-Tropsch sustainable fuels process and an aromatics from sugar process. It is now looking for other alternative, non-commercial sustainable fuels or E-fuels routes (not ethanol to jet or hydrotreated ester / fatty acids routes).

It is focused on harnessing technologies and processes that can efficiently and effectively convert these diverse feedstocks into clean, efficient energy sources. Johnson Matthey aims to drive the development of eco-friendly fuels that contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and advancing global sustainability goals. The company is particularly interested in scalable solutions that can ensure a smooth transition towards a more sustainable energy future.

How can you apply?

If you are interested in this opportunity, please fill this form and if you require more information, contact Satyajit Mohanan by sending an email to, briefly outlining the interest of your company in the Buyer's case.

You should include:

  • A summary of why your product/solution or service meets the buyers' needs
  • A link to your company's website
  • Your contact details