MOBISUB represents a collaborative effort between entities in the UK and India, with a primary objective to advance a comprehensive initiative focused on researching, designing, developing, testing, and piloting an innovative dual-function mobile sub-station maintenance system. Positioned within the dynamic landscape of the rapidly expanding Indian market, MOBISUB endeavors to demonstrate the transformative capabilities inherent in its dual-function system on a large scale. By specifically addressing the challenges associated with grid-scale storage viability within the Indian context, the project endeavors to lay the foundation for a sustainable and resilient energy infrastructure. Key partners in this endeavor include esteemed organisations such as TATA Power, the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, the University of Strathclyde, StorTera, and TERI. Furthermore, overseeing the coordination and management of this multifaceted project is Cambridge Cleantech, serving as the project manager.

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