Hydrogen East

Cambridge Cleantech provided a comprehensive analysis, commissioned by the Department of Business and Trade, focusing on the strategic development of a robust hydrogen economy within the East of England region. This report delves into all facets of the hydrogen value chain, encompassing production, distribution, storage, and end-use applications. By examining the region's inherent strengths and identifying areas for improvement, the study aimed to position the East of England as a vanguard in the United Kingdom's progression towards a hydrogen-based economy.

One pivotal recommendation stemming from this analysis is the establishment of an Industrial Advisory Group within the region. This proposed entity would serve as a nucleus for concerted efforts among diverse stakeholders, fostering collaboration and synergy towards the shared goal of advancing the hydrogen economy. In response to this imperative, Cambridge Cleantech, in collaboration with other partners, had spearheaded the formation of an Industrial Advisory Group, Hydrogen East. Through its collaborative platform, Hydrogen East endeavors to harness the collective expertise and resources of its members to propel the region to the forefront of the burgeoning hydrogen economy landscape.