Smart Cities SIG

  • To actively develop and promote the capabilities of Cambridge Cleantech members to deliver smart sustainable city solutions by:
  • Creating a focal point for information on smart city activities and commercial opportunities in the UK and internationally.
  • Publicising the smart city capabilities and experience of members through a professional programme of events, publications and missions.
  • Creating opportunities to engage with progressive cities throughout the UK and overseas that are seeking to implement smart city solutions.
  • Creating opportunities for members to establish commercial partnerships and working relationships to deliver smart city solutions in the UK and internationally.
  • Developing opportunities to engage profitably with UK and EU government supported smart cities activities and funding programmes. 
  • Developing working relationships with other commercial and research groups operating to develop and deliver smart city solutions.

SIG Champions

Chair- Alan Kell OBE, Chair, Intelligent & Green Systems Ltd

Victoria Ball, David Ball Group Plc

Rebecca Britton, Urban and Civic

Koen Steemers, University of Cambridge

Jeff Tucker, March Publishing

Keith Pedder, Bouygues ES

Kristen Selwood, ARM

​Dr Alex Brown, Director, Cambridge Energy Stock Ltd.

Gerry Rutherford, Cambridge Smart Solutions

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Smart Cities Documents

Below are links to the Smart Cities SIG's documents.

September 2014 Launch Event
Alan Kell, Chair (presentation)
Daniel Clarke, Connecting Cambridgeshire (presentation)
Eric L'Helgeuen, Embix (presentation)