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"Thank you so much for organising the Cleantech Venture Day, and for inviting us along to pitch. I had a great experience and I thought the event itself was very topical, useful and well organised. We look forward to becoming more involved in the Cambridge Cleantech community going forward!"
Matt McLaren, Entomics Biosystems (Octoober 2017)

“Congratulations on a great Forum that was high quality all-around! I think everyone who attended would say it was run / organized very professionally with the right mix of great speakers & topics, and of course the well-chosen companies. I will be following up with some of them.”
Fred Chang, China Cleantech Collaboratory (October 2017)

"A great event, and sincere thanks for invitation and organisation. I know how difficult it is to successfully host events - so well done to Martin and team."
Aideen O'Hora, Sustainable Nation (October 2017)

Thanks for a great session with a senior room of investors and influencers.
It’s great to see the support you give to green entrepreneurs as well as partner opportunities.
Chris Forbes, The Cheeky Panda (October 2017)

Thanks and congratulations to the team for an excellent conference today.  The attendance was of the highest quality with so many people with the exciting ideas.  The balance between investors and innovators and some really specialist support services, was very well managed, as you could tell from the great buzz of conversation.  I am sure that many collaborations were born during the breaks.  
Simon Graham, De Courcy Alexander (July 2017)

Thanks again for organising an excellent event last week. it was very interesting to hear some of the presentations and discussion around charging infrastructure and workplace acceptance of new models of ownership. The presentations and networking discussions afterwards gave a real insight into future challenges from a much broader perspective.
Phil Zirngast (January 2017)

Great event! Thank you Martin for setting this up--I thought it excellent.
David Adamson, University of Cambridge (December 2016)

Thanks for a great event (again) yesterday!
Jenny Wilton, Exemplas (December 2016)

Many thanks for the opportunity for Pivotal International to present at the Cambridge Cleantech Conference last week.  Both Jason and I found the event a very useful platform to develop our network and we both enjoyed the whole experience.
Paul Ryan, Pivotal International (June 2016)

Another excellent and informative event!
Jenny Wilton, Exemplas Ltd (June 2016)

Well done on a very interesting, well organised and attended event.
Daniel Zeichner MP, Cambridge City (June 2016)

Thanks for this and we also enjoyed the conference and ‎the buzz from it. A clear desire to change the world for the better starting from small gestures!
Silvia Lazzerini, Grosvenor (June 2016)

It was a pleasure to be involved in the event. I found the day and the other presentations interesting and thought provoking. I also met a number of interesting people in the networking sessions. Congratulations to you and your team on the organisation of the event.
Nicky Wightman, Savills (June 2016)

Thank you for the opportunity, I thought it was an excellent day.
I really believe that Cambridge Cleantech has gathered significant momentum and is clearly making a real difference.
Steve Kaye, Anglian Water Group (June 2016)

It was a great event, the content was very interesting and the networking most worthwhile
Well done!
Martin Evans, HKTDC (June 2016)

A very well organised and useful even. Well done!
Neil Horsley, CleanTech Business Ltd (June 2016)

Thanks for hosting us yesterday. I found the program to be very relevant, very informative and very well organised. It was a genuine pleasure to participate. My congratulations again for hosting such a successful conference. 
Robert Hokin,  CleanPath China (June 2016)

That was a fabulous event and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Moreover, I opened the door for the British Antarctic Survey to get some publicity in BIFM’s FM World (the Editor had already agreed to an article before I met them) that should stimulate wider interest amongst individual and corporate members to offer innovations.  We also discussed FM enabling behavioural change and I think I can put them in touch with some useful people with expertise in the field.
Rob, TalkTalk (February 2016)

Thanks Martin; that’s great.  I thought the talk was excellent yesterday. All three of the speakers were very interesting and I really enjoyed it.  I’ll be in touch soon.
Kate, S-Tech (January 2016)

Many thanks again for your invitation and for organising an excellent event this week. I found this was a very useful opportunity to meet and share insights with existing and new industry contacts and stakeholders and hear from other market trailblazers presenting and discussing their experiences. The good, balanced mix of local Cambridge, national and international participation was also notable.
Costa Tsourkas, NEC Europe Ltd (June 2015)

An excellent event. One we like to be at. Thank you. I dipped in and out of the room presentations on the day, but the delegates were very enthusiastic about the day.
Paul Cullen, Price Bailey (June 2015)

Just a brief note to say thank you for yesterday, I really enjoyed the event and look forward to seeing you all soon.
Steve Boyer, Marsh Industries (June 2015)

The conference was excellent and most informative, I have a couple of pages of notes.
Fintan Lyons, Cube Cleantech (June 2015)

Nice work Martin Garratt.
Matt Schofield, Isolcell (June 2015)

What an excellent event. Big congratulations to Cambridge Cleantech In particular Martin Garratt and Jeff Tucker. 
Richard Wishart, Delivery Management Ltd (June 2015)

Thanks for a great event Martin- only sorry that I could not stay longer. Hope for our side meeting with Alan Kell and Dezhou bears fruit too. 

Lewis Herbert, Cambridge City Council (June 2015)

Thank you very much indeed for partnering with us to host our Vice Chancellor’s dinner last night for Cambridge Cleantech high growth companies. It was a very enjoyable evening which you, Ally and Tom did a magnificent job on and all the Anglia Ruskin team made potentially fruitful contacts.
Jemma Little, Anglia Ruskin University (April 2015)

Thank you Cambridge Cleantech. I was pleased to get your newsletter, which is informative and stimulating. 
Mark Reader, Cambridge University (November 2014)

It was a great honor being announced as an RBS innovation winner this week. By providing us with invaluable access to initiatives like the RBS Innovation Gateway, Cambridge Cleantech will be an integral part of our future growth.
Garry Moore, Propelair (November 2014)

The thanks are to you Sean, for arranging and sorting everything for the evening, it is very much appreciated. It was a good event with some interesting contacts made.
Mark Andrews, Climate Energy (October 2014)

Dear Martin, It was wonderful that we could come to you this time. The participants said that the day in Cambridge was the best one of the tour. So the Green Ventures UK were a big success - thanks again for your assistance.
Torsten Stehr, Industrie- und Handelskammer Potsdam (September 2014)

I thought it was a great event today, really motivating and inspiring. I think you planted seeds in the minds of the large number and wide variety of attendees. 
Suzan Ziobro (June 2014)

Thanks for arranging today. Thoroughly good event and made some very good contacts. I appreciate your introduction to Geoff too.
Gerard Duggan, Utilitrack (May 2014)

I noticed that you were at the RBS event, and I know it is you I have to thank for facilitation of the invitation and connection. It was an excellent event, and I just wanted to say that I appreciated the invitation.
Sarah Helm, Cambridge IP (March 2014)

Good to see you yesterday – great event. (ARM Energy Efficient Motors)
John Gourd, Johnson Matthey (March 2014)

Good to see you yesterday – great event.Just a quick email to thank your support in last week’s programme for the Latin American delegation to the UK. You were a key part of it and contributed greatly to showcase the vibrant S&I ecosystem we have in the UK.
Salvador Lopez, FCO (March 2014)

It was a pleasure to have attended and heard firsthand the amazing work emanating from fellow Cambridge Cleantech members. I look forward to future events.
Martin Ott, Green Air Cars (March 2014)

Thanks for the opportunity to present - some useful conversations afterwards 
Michael Priestnall, Cambridge Carbon Capture (March 2014)

Thank you very much for these. Some very helpful contacts there.
James Thorpe, Norfolk County Council (February 2014)

Just a quick note to say thanks for putting yesterdays event, tour and beer all of which I thoroughly enjoyed!
Steven Henry, Chalmor (February 2014)

A great many thanks for my invitation to the Cleantech event. It was wonderfully well organised and very well attended. 
Giles Campbell, Pulsar (February 2014)

Many thanks for this. An excellent service!
Steve Evans, Institute for Manufacturing, Cambridge University (February 2014)

Thank you for the continued great work by Cambridge Cleantech!
Ilian Iliev, Ecomachines (February 2014)

Just a short note to thank you for the introduction to John Gourd at Johnson Matthey. We`ve recently had a meeting with the view of exploring opportunities on how we can support each other on the packaging front. You`ll be aware that I`ve only recently become a member of cleantech, already I`m appreciating the opportunities that can bring.
Sion Stanfield, Ecoprocure (December 2013)

Thank you for recommending me to Jason Dorks from Natural Building Technologies. I met up with him earlier today at our office and will be able to help him with some Green Deal Reports.
Tony Wyatt, Beach Energy (December 2013)

Autodesk CAD Masterclass event- The event was a good one for us. A small but focused turn out. Thanks again for the support of you and your team.
Dwayne Dunkley, Microconcepts Ltd (October 2013)

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for organising such a resourceful event on Tuesday.  Very much looking forward to working with you further.
Julia Glenn, Extremis Technology (October 2013)

Cambridge Cleantech Alert - DECC offers £19m fund to cleantech entrepreneurs
I do appreciate your help. Today was very useful, we will keep you in the loop. Best Wishes
Mark Benson, MEB Engineering and Commercial Services (July 2013)
Thank you for the invitation and for making this available to me. I have to admit that I really enjojed attending the event. It was really interesting what I learned about Savills and also meeting people who have similar interest and motivation as I have. Thank you also for your kind and helpful advice on networking techniques. It turned out to be indeed uesful and effectivefor the first round.
István Szabó, Think Carbon Free (June 2013)

A huge thanks to you and Ally for your efforts in bringing together our event last night. We were very pleased with how it went, particularly the level of discussion generated. We look forward to our continued involvement with Cambridge Cleantech and other events to come.
Nicky Wightman, Savills (June 2013)

On behalf of one of your founding members I too thought the day was a great success and your choice of speakers very good and please pass on our thanks to your team for having an event which needed more chairs.
Andrew Holmes, Climate Energy (May 2013)

Many thanks for your many excellent thoughts in our meeting this morning. In addition to the practical value of your detailed input we all left with a whole new level of inspiration for the journey ahead.
Clifford Dive, Viring (January 2013)

Thanks for the CCT event this week at Alconbury, it was well-organised and with the right sorts of people on both sides of the table.
Dave Raval, Loftzone (December 2012)

I would like to thank you for an excellent meeting today at Alconbury, I have been a member of a number of business clubs in the past and found them to be a possible waste of time. However i really enjoyed today and made some hopefully useful contacts and had some good feed back.
Malcolm Blunt, M&L Ltd. (December 2012)

Just a quick well done on [the October] newsletter: first rate, clear and concise.
Gary Owen, The Solar Cloth Company (October 2012)

Many thanks for your kind invitation to “Exploring the China Opportunity”. I thought it was extremely interesting and very well organised. I commend you and the team on delivering such an ambitious event. I look forward to our continued involvement in Cambridge Cleantech.
Nicky Wightman, Savills (September 2012)

I attended the recent waste event and I just wanted to email and say how good I thought it was. Really interesting, great speakers, and very well organised.
Nyree Ambarchian, Athene Communications (July 2012)

Great events and very interesting from my perspective.
Paul Greenwell, AmeyCespa (July 2012)

Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed your event last week. You had a good roster of  interesting speakers and a very well organised session. I really liked the informal nature of it too. I'm looking forward to attending the next one.
Kevin Coleman, Alliantus (May 2012)

I really enjoyed the event – there was a  real buzz – thank you for making it happen.
Ron Yellon, Auditel (March 2012)

We appreciate how good your events are.
John Tingle, UKTI (March 2012)

Thanks for your active help and support!
Arun Muthirulan, AcceleratorIndia (January 2012)

I can't tell you how proud and pleased I was to be a part of your extremely successful launch - I thought it was outstanding in so many ways!  I haven't stopped talking about it to colleagues and friends all weekend.   Well done to you all and I wish you continuing growth!
Julia Nix, Jobcentre Plus (October 2011)

What at turnout at the launch event, the place was buzzing with positive energy.  It was one of the best events I have been to for a long while.  It was an inspiring morning.
Tim Hill, Taylor Vinters (October 2011)

I enjoyed your launch event and I'm glad I came at the last minute!
Malcolm Sharp, Huntingdonshire District Council (October 2011)

Congratulations on a very impressive launch event.  I hope you - collectively - meet with the success you deserve.
Tony Wilson (October 2011)

Splendid launch event. Let us hope Cambridge Cleantech goes from strength to strength. 
Prof Mike Thorne, Vice Chancellor, Anglia Ruskin University (October 2011)

It was a good launch event - really good to see this happen.
Cllr Sian Reid, Leader of the Council, Cambridge City Council (October 2011)

I thought it was a very positive launch event and good to see so much excitement about Cambridge Cleantech's potential plus a tremendous legacy of goodwill from the GCP - I don't think you could ask for a more promising start.
Theresa Prevost (October 2011)

I enjoyed the launch event and found it useful.  I was particularly interested in some of the case study presentations.
Andrew Limb, Cambridge City Council (October 2011)