A governor opportunity at the UTC Cambridge

Dear Martin,
Thank you for your support to the University Technical College Cambridge (UTCC) from the very beginning and since its opening in September 2014.  As you know, the UTCC is a 14-19 institution established to provide a broad education but with a very significant emphasis on science and technical skills related to work and careers in science sectors in Cambridge, particularly biomedical, health science and cleantech.  Students at the UTCC have extensive contact with employers from age 14 onwards, through the challenge projects, talks, visits and work experience.  This provides them with exceptional opportunities to experience and understand the workplace and develop the skills needed for their transition into work.  For employers it provides the opportunity to recruit young people into the industry with good skills and a great attitude with the potential to continue their study to higher levels through higher education/apprenticeships.

The UTCC is now into its fifth term and is in the early stages of realising the vision that started it off.  To achieve this it needs committed and talented governors.  A vacancy has arisen on the governing body and I invite you to consider nominating a suitably experienced person from your organisation.  The UTCC’s articles of government require a certain proportion of the governors to come from partner employers and it is in this category that the vacancy has arisen.  Furthermore, the position of chair will shortly be available, so this might guide your thinking if you have someone with significant experience of governance. I regret that there is no remuneration other than reasonable expenses for any governor who is not a member of staff.

I would be grateful if you would reply to me by the end of the month if possible, by letter or email (aconstantine@camre.ac.uk), indicating the name or names of any interested and suitable, potential governors.  It would be helpful to have a nil return if it is not possible for you to nominate.

Attached to this letter is a short description of the role and operation of a governing body and also of the chair.  Please also visit the UTCC website at www.utccambridge.co.uk for more information about the UTCC itself.  Please feel free to contact me by email or phone (01223 418330) if you wish to discuss the contents of this letter.