7th GCCA Later Stage Award 2017


Cambridge Cleantech joined the GCCA (a sort of cluster of global cleantech clusters) last year and we entered 10 of our companies into the competition and Azuri Technologies was announced as the winner in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA in December 2016.
This year we are hosting the global awards in the evening of our own, new, Cleantech Venture Day Conference on 31st October; http://www.cleantechday.com/london/. The winner gets an award and the publicity and profile to match the global event.
This year we can nominate up to 10 companies by the end of this month. Later stage companies are defined as companies with a proven track record (revenue) in their home market and the strategic goal to expand internationally and/or a scalable technology or service with international growth potential (pre-revenue, but proven in pilot and demonstration projects).
Please let us know if you would like your Co to be nominated for this prestigious award by Mon 14 July.  The first 10 responses will be nominated.
The categories are listed below and more information is available here (please note the deadline has been extended from 30th June to 14th July).
  • BioEnergy/BioMaterials
  • CleanWeb/IT
  • Food/Urban Agriculture
  • Green Building
  • Lighting/Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Storage/Smart Grid
  • Solar&Wind Energy
  • Transportation
  • Waste Management
  • Water