Smart Grids Summit


Cambridge Cleantech, in collaboration with the FCO and the University of Cambridge, is organising a summit on Smart Grids, with the main conference taking place on the 30-31st January. The summit is an opportunity for a select group of UK SMEs to develop meaningful commercial relationships with potential US partners, while contributing to the development of policies supporting UK access to the US energy market. It will also be an opportunity for SMEs to understand how the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the UK Science and Innovation Network can support them in accessing the US energy market.
UK & US stakeholders will explore how to develop and scale new technologies to enable the smart grid, along with innovative business models, policy and regulatory opportunities, and market insights into the US and UK. The summit will provide a vision of what the future system will look like, introducing the key emerging players and the major commercial opportunities for UK companies.

The event is by invitation only; please contact sam.goodall@cambridgecleantech.org.uk for further details.