Teh Second Cambridge Intelligent Building Meetup

  • Thursday, June 8, 2017

    6:30 PM

  • Hoare Lea

    Botanic House, 98 - 100 Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 1PH, Cambridge (map)

    Get away from election mayhem with the second CIB meetup at Hoare Lea (details above) on Thursday 8th June!

    As before, the evening will involve drinks and networking, plus a chance to hear another perspective on how tech is influencing our built environment.

    Our plan for the evening 

    We'll keep the speaking fairly brief to make sure everyone has a good chance to get to know each other. 

    6.30 - grab a drink or a snack, say hello to someone new. 

    7.15 - Introduction - Hermione. 

    7.25. Tracey Hopkins, Everynet - Beyond the bean bag: how can technology improve our workplaces? 

    Better data networks promise a lot of efficiency gains for buildings, but can they help improve our working environments in other ways? How might they affect our productivity and our wellbeing? Tracy Hopkins talks about LoRa, and how better connectivity can be used to revolutionise our working experiences. 

    7.45 - networking and discussions. 

    8.30 - go home, or continue our conversations at a local pub. 

    Looking forward to seeing you all there for a slightly more hopeful view of the future than that offered by our political lords and masters! 

    Registration here.