Chinese Power Market Reform and Opportunities for UK Business

12 May 2017
The Møller Centre, Churchill College, Cambridge
China’s electricity system is now the largest in the world producing around 25% of the world’s electricity and more than 7% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. The annual value of electricity sales is around $600 bn and annual new investment is around $120 bn. The sector employs over 4 million people in electricity supply and equipment manufacturing.
China’s electricity industry is profitable and the industrial price of electricity is high (50% higher than in the US). High prices are a major driver of a renewed effort by the Chinese government on ‘power market reform’. Since March 2015 there has been a push to introduce markets for industrial electricity in order to bring prices down. This has involved the creation of pilot markets, separate use of network charges and the establishment of retail electricity companies.
The ongoing reform of the electricity sector in China draws on the experiences of the UK and other leading electricity reform jurisdictions and creates opportunities for UK based companies in China. Primarily, opportunities are arising in consulting, networks, storage, trading, IT provision, training and financial services.
The aim of this one day workshop is to introduce the background to the latest electricity reforms and discuss how British business and institutions might actively contribute to and unlock value in, probably, the greatest single industry reform project on the planet. The event will draw on a year-long collaboration between Energy@Cambridge and the British Embassy in Beijing together with our partners in National Grid and Ofgem.
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