Sustainable, Autonomous & Intelligent – Future Cities in 2050

Correy Faccini describes here our smart cities of the future:

By 2050, our urban landscapes are going to be vastly different to what they are today. In the next three decades, we’re expecting two thirds of the population to be living in urban environments. This is going to create a significant demand on resources. Thankfully, emerging tech like artificial intelligence, the internet or things and augmented reality will lead us towards future cities that are sustainable, autonomous and intelligent. Here are our key predictions.

The Revolution of Transport
The transport industry is already taking its first steps towards being sustainable. We’re already seeing breakthroughs in greener alternatives by the likes of Tesla. Greener options are likely to be the norm by 2050.
In the future, most cars are likely to be self-driving. This will allow more time for us to catch up on work or enjoy some light entertainment.
This will revolutionise public transport. We’re expecting to see entire networks of connected, autonomous pods. These will be highly intelligent and efficient in their running. Simply hire one via an app and any pod heading to your destination will divert to pick you up. This will make fixed route and timetables services a thing of the past.
This transport network will be so efficient, car ownership figures will be driven down. This means our air quality will improve, congestion will lessen and more green spaces are likely to appear.
Smart, Sustainable Buildings
Public buildings will begin gathering data on their occupants. They will know how many people are using the building and what rooms they’re in. This means, they’ll be able to regulate temperature as well as health and safety. This data will also give a boost to the structure’s continual improvement.
Buildings will be predominantly self-sufficient. Tech like solar windows will enable them to gather their own energy. Any surplus will be offered to nearby buildings or vehicles to ensure maximum sustainability. This network of energy sharing will ensure those in need never run dry.
A New Type of High Street
We’re also on the cusp of a shopping evolution. Expect the clothing stores of the future to take advantage of breakthroughs in augmented reality and artificial intelligence. Changing rooms and mirrors will become interactive. You’ll be able to see what clothes look like on, without having to get changed. The store will also know exactly what your dress size is, as well as vital info on your fashion preferences and social calendar. They’ll use this data to offer valuable suggestions that are highly personalised to you.
The Potential For A sustainable Future
There are plenty of things to be excited about when it comes to future cities. The most important has to be the potential for a sustainable way of living. The development of such intelligent technology will allow for huge steps forward in greener living.
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